Routes to Reading Story Cloth

The 'Routes to Reading' Story Cloth celebrates the lives and journeys of the people who make up the diverse community of Reading.  Older story tellers worked with school children to share their stories of migration to Reading, the things they first saw, the smells and sounds they remember and what it meant to leave a community behind and become part of a new community. The children turned their stories into a cloth made from reclaimed blankets, with support from textile artist Jane Frost. 

The cloth comes with a book containing the original stories from the local storytellers, your pupils will be able to spot key moments in the stories, depicted on the cloth. The book also provides tips and ideas for using the stories and the cloth in your classroom, including instructions for a KS4 - 5 drama project. The images below are extracts from the book and images from the project.

The cloth is a large oval, 350cm long and 250cm at its widest. It comes with an additional bag of 10 books about journeys and textiles that tell stories. 

Please note the cloth is hired out by the week: Saturday to Friday except by arrangement. 

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